Our Advantages

Offer a holistic solution

We have a distinct advantage in that we offer clients a complete end to end solution in the area of CRM & Customer Loyalty. Through many years of experience, we have developed our strategic capability in this area and help clients to understand and develop a robust strategy. Thereafter we work hard to make it happen, with particular expertise, in developing engagement campaigns, loyalty incentives and personalised CRM communications.

Work with you to overcome organisation constraints

Our staff have worked client side and really do understand the constraints and issues that you are constantly faced with. When coming up with solutions we always consider how we can help you get the most value for your customers and overcome your organisation constraints. We are agile in our approach and flexible to fit around your organisation with one aim: to make it better for your customers.

Passionate believers in adding value for your customers

We are passionate about CRM and Customer Loyalty and thats why we live it day in and day out. We want to help you create stronger relationships with your customers and add value to your organisation. We have many years of experience in this area and have an in-depth understanding of proven techniques that work to make a significant difference to your customers.

Who are we?

We are a team of Customer Relationship and Value Management experts that have many years of working in senior management positions in leading FTSE 100 companies. We have also trained in the area of CRM and Loyalty at leading educational institutions in order to offer our clients leading advise and robust program development and deployment.

Ritchie, the Managing Director of MLP CRM and Loyalty, is the former Head of Retention & Customer Loyalty Strategy at Direct Line Group and highly experienced at developing customer value management strategies to increase cross-sell, up-sell and retention of existing customers.

Prior to this, he spent 5 years at HSBC in a number of strategic and operational roles, including in Customer Value Management where he managed the HSBC Advance current in the UK. He is an alumnus of the Cambridge Judge Business School, where he studied for a Master’s degree in Marketing and Strategy.

We are regularly cited as experts in the field and provide consultancy services to a range of institutions in order to help them form better relationships with their customers.

Here are a few examples of where we have added value: