Additional Services

Feel free to have a look at the services our sister companies can offer.

Marketing Lounge Partnership

Specialising in the creation, implementation and management of tailored customer engagement strategies, designed to reward customers and improve advocacy levels.

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Fulfilment and Contact Solutions

Providing comprehensive support to our clients for their marketing campaigns, including call handling, data processing and fulfilment services, from distributing cash back to vouchers and gift cards to wine.

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MLP Rewards

Specialising in the production of bespoke marketing publications and voucher based propositions.

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MLP Automotive

Dedicated to achieving uplift of interest in various channels across the automotive trade

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The best customer service is if the customer doesn’t need to call you, doesn’t need to talk to you. It just works.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon

What we do

Understanding your ‘customer’ challenges

We believe it is important to commence an engagement by developing an in-depth understanding of the key customer related challenges facing the business. We will work through the key issues facing your customers and develop robust recommendations for improvement.

Understanding your customers

Recognising that not all customers should be treated the same way is at the heart of building strategic capability in this area. There are two critical components to consider here: the first is the existing and potential value of a customer, and the second is understanding individual customer needs to determine what resonates. We have developed an in-depth tool kit to help assess these two factors in order to identify where in your customer base the existing and potential value lies, and thereafter to determine how to differentiate the approach (products/services/timing/channels) for different customers.

Developing a tangible, measurable test plan

Once established, we work with your business to determine an appropriate customised strategy and plan of action that could potentially include a multitude of levers, from pilot activities (to determine incremental value) to a full-scale loyalty program. We will also put a robust measurement and feedback structure in place to ensure that we are driving the appropriate customer outcomes and that we deliver tangible value for the organisation.

Campaign deployment

We have a real focus on seeing strategies come to life. We will work with clients through the implementation process and in many cases completely relieve all the pain and hassle associated with strategy implementation. We understand the realities and constraints our clients face, yet our passion, agility and flexibility ensures we deliver each and every time.

We share the pain and frustration that go alongside operationalising strategies with incumbent systems and organisational bureaucracy. We understand the practical and commercial realities involved, and we will support and share your passion and tenacity to make strategy happen.

Measurement and feedback

Every program that we deploy has a robust test structure to measure both the quantitative and qualitative customer outcomes. This ensures that we are continually adding value for our clients, and consistently deliver the right type of campaigns for their customers. We use robust statistical analysis to determine the incremental value gained through our activities, and tactical MI provides clarity around program performance at any point in time.